Telephonic counselling has similar benefits to face to face counselling as well as some added advantages.

Advantages of telephonic counselling include:

  • Flexibility – Telephonic counselling allows you to receive counselling supports from the comfort of your own home, office or any quiet location.
  • Time Saving – Clients are able to access counselling services without needing to commute to an office space.
  • Lessened Cost – Telephonic counselling session fees are generally less expensive than face to face counselling due to not needing an office space to provide sessions.
  • Greater Anonymity – Clients have often reported that it is sometimes easier to access telephonic counselling when they are hesitant about exploring mental health supports.
  • Wider accessibility – Clients can access counselling services from anywhere as long as they have a phone.
  • Reducing Isolation – Clients who have mobility challenges or pandemic related concerns can still access counselling services.

What to expect from telephonic counselling with Butterfly Counselling Services.

Telephonic clients can expect the same quality of counselling support as face to face clients.

After setting an appointment time I will email you the Butterfly Counselling Services contract.

Please review, sign and email the contract back to before our first session. Let me know if you have any questions related to the contract.

I will phone you at the designated time for the session at the phone number provided.

Sessions are 60 minutes long.

Session fees are $100.00. Payable by etransfer to

Invoice/Receipt will be emailed after session. Canadian Certified Counsellors (CCC) are covered by most insurance companies. Please check with your insurance provider.